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I spent 22 years in the IT field.  After my finance and I moved in together in 2015 we found it hard to find the juices he liked in the stores near us.  So I started making flavors for him.  Next thing I knew I was using an old system he gave me and making 0mg flavors and vaping with him.

All of our juices are hand crafted in a certified ISO 5 lab.  If they are they “Classic 6”


All other flavors are made @ Heartland Vapes. Video of lab here

10437774_739337309471344_6662192619169981106_n ISO6 Certified

They are hand crafted by us and then sent to the lab for mixing, bottling and shipped to us where we handle the fulfillment process.

  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Tamper Resistant Bands
  • Certified Child Proof Caps/Bottles ( All Bottles are from Heartland Vapes)


We will add pictures of the lab and others things as we get the chance to take them so you know where your Suicide Sauce is handcrafted. This may delay shipping by 48 hours.

Be sure to read the Warning and e-Juice Care page.

  • We strive to use make this experience and juices all about you.
  • We want to give you full flavors, great vapes and an all around great experience with us and our products.
  • We plan on carrying various accessories for your vape as well.

Grow with us and become part of this amazing alternative to cigarettes!


Vaping provides an amazing support community feel and environment.  It has given non smokers and smokers a common bond!

New collection

We will be adding new flavor profiles as we go, we have Seasonal Flavors Coming!

Wickedly flavored juices @ wickedly great prices!


Smoking is never good for you.